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This is the Last Thing You Read Bookmark

This is the Last Thing You Read Bookmark

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Welcome to a magnetic marvel that revolutionizes how you mark your literary adventures: magnetic bookmarks! These quirky companions cling to pages with the tenacity of a plot twist, ensuring your place remains secure amidst the chaos of life.

Their magnetic magic keeps them firmly in place, guarding against wind or accidental bumps. Whether diving into a fantasy realm or unraveling a thrilling mystery, your magnetic bookmark faithfully holds your spot until you're ready to return.

Prepare for a magnetic journey through literature, where each turn of the page is marked by whimsy and wonder. Bid farewell to lost pages and welcome your new literary sidekick – the magnetic bookmark that sticks with you through every chapter and adventure!


- 2.5 X 1.25 inches

- Exclusive Designs

- Glossy Laminated

- Lightweight Magnet

- Sleek and Thin

- Freebie with every order




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